Medical and Recreational Cannabis Laws

In 2017, legislators adopted a number of bills modifying the implementation of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC)’s recreational and Oregon Health Authority (OHA)’s medical (OMMP) marijuana programs. The bills kept the programs separate, but shifted some responsibilities to OLCC—particularly around the tracking of medical marijuana in OLCC’s Cannabis Tracking System (CTS). There are details and important deadlines that OLCC licensees and OMMP registrants need to know.  

Oregon is creating a well-regulated cannabis industry to benefit people and the state, and is putting safeguards in place for the protection of people and communities. A well-regulated industry has the potential to be an economic driver for the state through increased tax revenue, job creation and a new market for tourism opportunities. With this in mind, 2017 legislative changes will create a stronger recreational and medical marijuana marketplace by: 

  • Ensuring OMMP patients continue to have access to affordable medical cannabis
  • Further protecting against leakage into the illegal market
  • Clarifying the relationship between, and coexistence of, hemp and cannabis
  • Regulating in alignment with Federal Department of Justice guidelines

If you’re an OHA medical marijuana registrant or patient, or an OLCC recreational licensee, visit to learn more about how these changes may affect you.


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